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best experience of my life...
Whoa! How do I put all of this into a written review? The overall experience was mind blowing, heart opening and soul activating. This amplified the way I lead. Allowed me to feel, understand and know my power as a leader. Going in I was nervous because a mushroom journey I had gone on prior was awful, but Phoenix & Nelita opened with creating such a safe space to share and be ourselves! I have stepped into a more expansive heart-led leadership role. The gifts Phoenix and Nelita and Stormy have are more than I can put words to. But during your journey they ALWAYS know EXACTLY what you need! They help you through the challenging portions of the journey so you never get stuck in loops. They provide more than any support you ever would have felt to make sure you are safe, supported, expanded and even have an integration aspect that ties the entire journey together so you are not sent home right after and left hanging! BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! (How did you feel about the integration exercise the day after the ceremony?) It was amazing! The sharing really brought the whole thing together! and really being able to get feedback or share the mind-blowing experience with people that just get it, was amazing! So held, so supported, so much love! These people became like family!
Erica Hepperle
CEO of Fearless Femme Project > Denver, Colorado
Fundamentally Lifechanging...
When I say that my Sacred Celestial experience was fundamentally life-changing, I mean it. Our weekend in San Diego was my introduction to Plant Medicine, so of course entering into the experience I had my reserves. I vividly remember sitting in my car after driving 2 hours in traffic - immediately after arriving at the location - asking myself, "Are you sure about this? You don't know these people like that? What if the plant medicine isn't plant medicine and next thing you know you're being human trafficked in Guatemala? You can always leave now. Should you use the 'I think I have Covid' card?" Safe to say, my anxiety was at an all-time high. But I quieted my nerves. Grabbed my overnight bag. And rang the doorbell. Thank God I did. As soon as you enter into the venue, the Sacred Celestial staff welcomes you with open and loving arms and all of my anxieties melted away. The space is so curated and intentional that you have no choice other than to feel safe and at home. Not to mention the other guests are also hand-selected by the Sacred Celestial team so even if you go along you feel as if you're reconnecting with friends from a lifetime ago. The evening was beautifully spiritual for me. The plant medicine revealed and dissolved a number of limiting beliefs I've held onto for the majority of my adult life. Denied emotions surrounding past traumas were also brought to the surface and confronted as well as the re-introduction to my truest self. The deep work that was done on myself that night, I can easily equate to 4 or 5 years of weekly therapy. You have no choice but to face yourself. And with the guidance of Phoenix and the Sacred Celestial team, you will come out on the other side - changed for the better. Thank you Sacred Celestial. I'm eternally grateful.
Screenwriter > Los Angeles, CA
eye opening from the inside out...
It was truly divine! This was my first experience with plant medicine and I absolutely found it to be eye opening - from the inside out. At the spiritual level I realized so much of what I know and am drawn to (I.e. yoga, meditation, prayer, affirmations) are the protection and grounding tools needed for my balance mentally and emotionally as well. Phoenix and Nelita are angels on earth! Super grateful God aligning us, for their love, authenticity and spiritual protection. Thank you!
Tiraya Sōl Conyers
Yoga Instructor > New York City
nothing short of life altering...
The Sacred Celestial experience was nothing short of life altering!! Not only was the experience deep, magical, transformative, eye and heart opening — I was incredibly moved by the community aspect. I felt totally safe. I felt seen. It was also a blessing to hold space and bear witness to the transformation of others. I recommend it for anyone who wants to go deeper on their spiritual journey and shed the blocks to full expression. How did you feel about the integration exercise the day after the ceremony? The integration was so important. I was shocked at how much I was able to recall and process in real time
Monique C
Actress > Los Angeles, CA
I was able to feel again...
I was very skeptical going into this experience and had zero expectations. During and after this experience I realized it was the real deal. It was one of the truest forms I experienced to healing and facing what I needed to see. In the short amount of time I was able to receive more love and feelings than I ever did in my last two decades of living. For once in a long time I was able to FEEL again! The feeling of living, the feeling of being present and most importantly the feeling of love. Which all have been scarce in my life but not anymore.. I can’t thank Phoenix and Neilita enough! Neilita being the big sister facilitator showing me how stubborn I was and that the suffering was no longer mine to carry. Now with Phoenix she was the real deal, the motherly loving figure I needed. She was able to show me that love is here and it had been within me this whole time. I didn’t believe the gifts/powers Neilita & Phoenix possessed.. but now I am a believer. I am a believer this ceremony is what you need if you truly want to heal/face what’s within but it HAS to speak to you. Above all this experience has CHANGED MY LIFE! It’s made me more in tune with myself, something I haven’t understood in a long time but now I do thanks to the celestial ceremony! I can feel the love!!!! How did you feel about the integration exercise the day after the ceremony? One of the best parts! You look at each person around you and realize we re all in this together. We may come from different walks of life but we re all some how connected in this.
Sebo W
Entrepreneur > Los Angeles, CA
I got way more than I expected...
My Sacred Celestial Ceremony experience if I had to rate out of 1-10 would be 100 for such a unified beautiful trained team organizing a thought out experience in a truly unique and safe location affording the group to have independent experiences the ceremony actually was a reward for me at this time in my life because it pulled out so many beautiful parts of me that have been dormant without me even realizing ....Most importantly it revealed to me how tired I was during that period of my life 😂 and the self love I needed to activate upon returning home as I continue my journey I got way more than I expected out of participating and now I actually have questions and a set intention that I want to explore in another cermony sending the team loads of love and light !
GinaRe Womack
Recording Artist > Los Angeles, CA
the most beautiful safe and sacred space...
The was my first plant medicine ceremony and I had a bit of anxiety the day of but after connecting with the other women I not only felt a sense of safety and comfort but my intention evolved to just surrender to what came through to me. My experience was so beautiful and my mouth hurt the following day from smiling so much! I have much gratitude for the messages I received and for Phoenix and Nelita holding the most beautiful, safe and sacred space for all of us to be open and vulnerable. I am looking forward to including Sacred Celestial as part of my continued healing journey 😊
Nicole Bruce
Life & Health Coach > Tampa Bay, Florida
this one blew me out the water...
This was my 3rd Scared Celestial ceremony and I must say this one blew it and me out the water! It was beautifully put together and the beautiful souls facilitating the ceremony make the experience truly uplifting. The space, attention to detail and concern for all participants are notable. > How did you feel about the integration exercise the day after the ceremony?> Integration is such an important part of the plant medicine journey and the questions posed during Integration help obtain and navigate further insight/downloads from the experience.
Diana N
Astrologer > Miami, Florida
the most beautiful and special day...
It was the most beautiful and special day experience of my life, all the preparations, the little details and of course all the love, information before and after the ceremony. I’m very happy and blessed to get to attend to it, thank you for all you’re effort and love, Phoenix & Nelita!
Ruby S
Mother & Entrepreneur > Playa del Carmen, Mexico
the transformation was definitely evident...
Sacred celestial was truly the game changer for me. This was not second ceremony and here I discovered how vastly different each journey can be. The uniqueness of people with common goals, stranger suddenly no longer strangers, each of us discovering or rediscovering the truth within us, that we were made for real purpose >How did you feel about the integration exercise the day after the ceremony?> My biggest take away was witnessing how a lot of people came in versus how they left. The transformation was definitely evident during integration
Nichole Villafane
Real Estate Agent > Atlanta, Georgia